Welcome to Coastal Castings

The painted castings that I produce are unique and out of the ordinary.  The pieces are produced by casting a real leaf with cement, sand, and a fortifier, then disposing of the leaf.  The leaf simply can't be used again and this ensures that  

 your pieces are exclusive and one of a kind.

The troughs are made of cement, peat moss and sand, and are designed to look old and weathered-looking.   It takes a month for the troughs to leach and to cure, then they can be planted with succulents, annuals or perennials and

they become nature's art.

After Casting the leaves have to cure for at least a month before they can be painted.  I paint the back of the leaf with a weak wash because the leaf continues to cure for years.  After the leaf has been painted, the top of the leaf is sealed 3 times with a water-based sealant so that it can be used outside for many years

 in your garden.